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Date/Time: Sun, 01 Oct 2023 09:52:12 +0000

Post From: Off-Topic (Unrelated to Sierra Chart): Information Regarding a Worldwide Hoax (Covid 19)

[2020-10-20 03:39:42]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
Why did we post the above information?

The situation in the world is not good and it is going to be very damaging to the free market and private business if people do not take a stand. Otherwise, we are going to be sleepwalking into a very tyrannical dangerous situation.

It is important, that individual business operations make it clear where they stand. Do they stand for freedom or do they stand for tyranny. We at Sierra Chart stand for freedom and decentralization.

Regarding 9/11, that is an interesting old subject, and as engineers, that is why we have brought it up again because it is an interesting engineering subject. And it is also subject that needs to be questioned. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have done a very good job with their presentation. We have linked to their presentation above.

The relevancy of 9/11, is that if you recognize we have been lied to regarding the cause of what happened on that day, then it helps to question what we see and more importantly are told now related to this alleged virus.

9/11 has even affected the opening of brokerage accounts. With all of these new AML (anti-money laundering) rules, you now have to provide an ID and proof of address and other information to even open an account. You should not have to do that unless the clearing firms think they need it for their own internal security reasons. All this is doing, is spreading around personal information which can then be accidentally released.

Governments always like to claim, that this is to stop terrorist financing. It is nothing of the sort. It is all about governments maintaining absolute financial supremacy over you, and ensuring compliance with their taxes in order to steal more from you. If people want to be more independent and more free, governments simply want to make it more difficult.

So therefore this page could be considered like the Sierra Chart Covid 19 information/policy page. Sierra Chart operations are not impacted in any way by Covid 19 at least not in a practical way. Since we are a decentralized business. Sometimes there are some data center operations which are delayed because of this but there is no practical impact.

Our belief is, that people need to educate themselves and protect themselves if necessary related to this virus, and in the appropriate way based upon their circumstances. Only individuals can make decisions which are right for themselves. This is not a matter for the state because there is no one set way of managing the situation.

It is really quite absurd for politicians around the world and their improperly influenced so-called health experts to be making decisions related to this alleged virus. Their wrongful decisions are impacting the day-to-day lives of people and businesses. This must only be left to individual people and the healthcare people that they choose to listen to.

It is important to recognize that all of these restrictions and policies imposed by governments around the world related to this alleged virus are not to protect you. They are there to enslave you and empower themselves and make you more dependent on the system and themselves.

And we are now seeing major purging on some of these media platforms like YouTube and Twitter, of quality alternative media. The one video we posted above from doctors appearing at the Washington capital, telling factual information about this virus and how to manage it, is simply banned video. This is a completely unacceptable situation.

And as we have said previously, do you ever wonder why it is that Sierra Chart does not use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. The simple answer is, why would we want to put our content on those platforms when they can be on our own website and we are in full control over them. We want to direct traffic to ourselves not be enriching these others, who are eventually going to turnaround and take off all the content that a business has put up just because they do not like the content.

This is also why we maintain certain development standards. And we minimize the use of the operating system. We are in the process now, of removing all of these trash Microsoft dialog windows in Sierra Chart and supporting Unicode characters for other character sets which require 16-bit characters.
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