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Date/Time: Thu, 18 Jul 2024 08:48:30 +0000

Post From: Off-Topic (Unrelated to Sierra Chart): Information Regarding a Worldwide Hoax (Covid 19)

[2020-10-18 12:12:13]
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Off-Topic (Unrelated to Sierra Chart): Information Regarding a Worldwide Hoax (Covid 19)

Update: The information in this thread is off-topic. It is here to raise awareness of a very serious situation going on in the world which all people must be aware of in order to take back their power, and reduce the ability for those small groups of people who are dominating and controlling humanity, to continue with their crimes against humanity.

And this thread is also here to clearly state Sierra Chart stands strongly opposed to all of the hoax/lies going on related to this alleged virus and all of the associated nonsense controls. And we know very well that is about domination and control of humanity to an extreme level. And that we are intelligent and we know what is going on.

History is going to show Sierra Chart had the courage to post this correct and factual information early in this hoax / plandemic. It is so important for everyone to raise awareness of the facts. And when a critical mass does, these crimes against humanity come to an end.


Off-topic information regarding a hoax:








And for all those people in Victoria Australia, your government is playing games with you, in regards to the restrictions in your area. And great praise to those business people who are attempting to reopen their businesses. They deserve a lot of support.

If people do not wake up to this situation immediately, things are going to go very very wrong and hurt everyone (although that has already literally happened).

And one of the candidates in the US, is proposing, that everyone wear masks:

Whether this is a guidance or a mandate, neither are good because it plays psychological games on people thinking that they should wear the mask. It is unnecessary as said by doctors who know what they are talking about and causes respiratory diseases and decreases oxygen intake.

Update: We want to make it clear, when we use the term "hoax", it is not to say there is not some potential virus that is going around creating illness. It is the extremely disproportionate reaction to it that some governments have done over their citizenry and the claimed number of cases and the claimed severity of the cases (The commonly used PCR test, has a high false positive rate. Reference: Doctor Michael Yeadon (former Pfizer chief scientist)).

It is these last two items, which is the hoax. In other words, the basis of governments restrictions on the free market and people, are based upon alleged facts which are nothing more than a hoax.

Yes there may very well be a virus that was/is going on, that originated in Wuhan China. But clearly the effect of that is diminishing or is not in existence any longer, and has no justification for what is currently going on.

And of course governments are doing this in order to exert their power over the people. So they lie about the basis of their intentions. That in itself is a problem. Governments are not honest as to their ultimate objective with these lockdowns and restrictions related to this alleged virus.

Update 2023-02-12: Another reason for this hoax is to push and get people to take toxic covid vaccine (which it is not). It is completely unnecessary and a bio weapon.

Another major hoax is 9/11 (In regards to the specifics of what happened):

https://www.brighteon.com/f48baf64-62fe-4cd0-aed9-0ecaddd31e0f (added 2021-10-15)

Update: Regarding 9/11, there are specific facts of what happened on that day in New York, United States. It does not matter what anyone wants to or would like to think. Only the facts are relevant. The facts we are referring to do not include who did it and why they did it.

The question is about what caused three steel framed buildings to collapse at freefall speed from only damage at the top of only two of the buildings and office/plane materials fires. When you concentrate on the facts which can be verified, through visual observation and the remaining dust and debris, then it is impossible, that there was not some other means to bring down those 3 buildings (other than fire and plane impact).

If there was a warping of steel due to heat, assuming the fire got hot enough which it did not, and there was a gradual sagging of one floor towards another floor due to warping of steel frame beams, this is not going to pile drive down the remaining floors or cause the steel framing to break apart at the floors below or even the floor where there was some hypothetical warping. There simply is no change in weight load, in this scenario, upon the frame structure below. And if the buildings were really that fragile to suddenly break apart at freefall speed, they would have seemingly have fallen apart during construction, or during the high winds they are exposed to.

As one Vietnam veteran said, in the history of histories, this does not happen (three steel frame buildings collapsing in the same day under the circumstances of what we are officially told). We do not live in a fantasy world. The laws of physics apply.

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