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Date/Time: Thu, 30 Mar 2023 08:43:12 +0000

Post From: Trying to Activate Simulated Trade Account

[2020-10-12 23:03:14]
User186889 - Posts: 49
Hello Sierra
I am working through your help files to try and set up a simulated account so I can test back test and anlayse algorithms

I have got to the part where it tells me to go to Sierra Toolbar >> Trade >> Account Balances Window but I can not adjust the value. The Log gives the following message "Account balance adjustment rejected. Account balance adjustments not authorized | Symbol: (unset) | TradeAccount: MarkB_398238 | 2020-10-12 22:04:38.632 *". I also noticed in your help files at (Simulated Futures Trading Service: Account Balance Adjustments) - it states "The first step is to enable the account to be able to do account balance adjustments. If the account was created by a trading evaluator, then you will not be able to do this directly yourself". But the Help file then fails to say how I can do it, hence why I am contacting yourselves. So - questions.....
Q1. I want to run a delayed simulator to evaluate Algos and I think my package covers it (Though that is vague as some parts of your package say "It is much easier to access streaming delayed data which has no restrictions and is included with the Sierra Chart Advanced package which trial users have access to.
- Can you please clarify if my Package covers the delayed trading or if I am expected to use the delayed Advanced Package?
Q2. Can I actually run, evaluate and analyse simulated trade Algo's this way in the package I am on?
Q3. Why can't I get the Account Balances to alter? Is there something you have to do to set this up? Or is it to do with the above questions
Q4. The delayed data seems to only come from futures on CME / CBOT / NYMEX / COMEX, but I wish to evaluate Forex and Wall Street (US30) - How can I evaluate these? Is it possible through these exchanges?
Thanks - Mark Boast