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[2020-10-07 13:56:25]
John - SC Support - Posts: 31008
If you have not elected to receive data from IB, then you would be getting the delayed data from us. You can tell if it is delayed as it will state "Delayed" in your title bar. You may already have an option in your Chart Header for "DD", which stands for Data Delay, which also shows how delayed the data is. You can find out about that item here:
Working With Charts: Region Data Line / Chart Header

Naturally, we recommend using our data feeds. Refer to the information for the Denali Exchange Data Feed, which has the data for the CME Group, at the following link, which also has Setup Instructions on that page:
Denali Exchange Data Feed

With regards to the U.S. Equities data, you can also get that from us through the Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed. The one item you need to be aware of is that our data feed does not include Level 2 Market Depth data. If you require that Market Depth Data, then you will need to get that data from Interactive Brokers. Refer to the information for the Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed here:
Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed

You can see what service pack you are on by looking at your Control Panel on the Sierra Chart website. You can access it through the following link and then logging in with the same Account Name and password that you use to login to the software:

Right now, you are on a trial, which means you have full access to all the capabilities of the system (the same as Package 5). Refer to the information here for how to select a package after the trial:
Sierra Chart Purchase and License Information: Renewing Access

Also refer to the following for the differences between the packages:
Description of Service Packages and Pricing: Packages
For the most reliable, advanced, and zero cost futures order routing, use the Teton service:
Sierra Chart Teton Futures Order Routing