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Date/Time: Mon, 26 Feb 2024 23:34:17 +0000

Post From: Data Feed Downgrade

[2020-09-30 16:27:33]
User605241 - Posts: 2
I've spoken to AMP a few times now. While I should have likely stuck with the SC trial for now and then enrolled in Level 5 directly with you guys for the duration of my SIM trading, I instead signed up with AMP because I was following the instructions exactly as they were written here: Easy Solution to CME Funded Trading Account Requirement

I was not aware there were limited options with AMP (i.e. paying for live data rather than free delayed data). AMP informs me there is no way to receive free delayed data with them. The best they can do is to provide top of market data via CQG, which doesn't work for my training. Is there a way that you, SC, can activate free delayed data on my account for the duration of my SIM trading? Since I am new, I expect to be SIM trading for ~four months. It would be great to not have to spend money on unnecessary live data.

Thanks in advance.