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Date/Time: Tue, 07 Jul 2020 19:05:02 +0000

Post From: Regarding Rithmic (Our Final Post on this Subject)

[2020-05-02 01:11:45]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 87348 | Ending Date: 2021-04-05
We thought it would be a good idea for us to state again, why it is that Sierra Chart cannot technically support the new connection points to R Trader.

With the current code base of Sierra Chart and the compiler version which consists of: Open SSL (latest version), ZLib (latest version) and Visual C++ 2019, when the Rithmic bridge program is generated, the execution of it is not stable. It completely malfunctions, and it abnormally shuts down.

The reason we mention open SSL and ZLib, is we think there is some kind of conflict with the static Rithmic libraries which is occurring related to those.

This is the basic fundamental problem with API components, which Rithmic uses, which we have explained here:

And also even if we adopted the Rithmic Protocol API, they do not even support that to connect to R Trader directly. And we would not use the market data from it either, when we have our own feeds, and they are much easier to support and work much better with Sierra Chart especially on the side of historical data. So we would not use the Rithmic data feed with their new Protocol based API. So the basic problem of avoiding a second set of exchange fees is not resolved in this case anyway If we were to use the Rithmic Protocol API.

And there is a lot of development effort to support that both with initial development and ongoing support. We just never will undertake that initial and ongoing effort when we have superior solutions available for trading the CME group of markets already.

We held off for a long time supporting CQG until they had a protocol-based API. Whereas Rithmic is using an in process API component:

We should not have supported the Rithmic API component to begin with.

Rithmic also has these limitations:

-Higher per transaction fee versus CQG and our TT order routing.
-Incompatible server-side bracket orders with Sierra Chart
-Limited exchange coverage
-Limited Historical Data. The historical data is provided by Sierra Chart servers other than the most recent 10 minutes. We do not think there is expired futures contracts available from Rithmic. Data delivery is not going to be as fast and reliable as Sierra Chart servers. Someone even mentioned, they got some kind of restriction from Rithmic due to too many historical data requests. This will never happen with Sierra Chart historical Intraday data.

And it is only practical for us to support a small number of services for trading futures among the major exchanges. This way we can provide a better quality of support to everyone.

As much as we dislike CQG, and Interactive Brokers, it is far better for us to be supporting those instead.

And additionally, about half the Rithmic users are using these trading evaluator services and our view of them is explained here:

It is not an area, which is significant among our user base, and we are working on providing an alternative. And we also have spoken to One Up Trader about this, and they are open to using our simulated trading service:

We simply have no incentive at all to be supporting Rithmic for these trading evaluators. Our simulated trading service is absolutely superior and it is very well integrated with Sierra Chart.
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