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Date/Time: Wed, 29 Mar 2023 07:39:54 +0000

Post From: Rectangle tool - annoying service

[2020-02-21 05:07:10]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104367
We just do not have the time to get to this anytime soon and it makes no sense for us to be saying anything right now. And that is inconsistent with our policies.

Your service is getting worse day by day
This is not true. Our service is continuously improving and you should no longer be using CQG. You should be switching to this service:
Sierra Chart / Trading Technologies Futures Order Routing Service

And this statement is simply completely unfair :
Your behavior is simply annoying to me

What kind of right do you have to say something like that when you are asking for a feature request and making demands upon us. Demands we cannot even keep up with. The problem is you.

You have got to be kidding us. Our policies are quite clearly stated here:
You are deciding to ignore them.

You cannot simply be posting here and expect us to be responding every time you do. This takes away time from our development.

And a lot of the work that we do, is lower-level improvements and performance improvements. Upcoming items are true millisecond time stamping, new dialog windows, historical market depth data serving. We have made a lot of performance improvements with market depth data processing. Performance improvements, new functionality related to the trade activity log. Our delayed data service. This is a huge major improvement. We have server-based trade simulation. The web-based trading page.

For you to be using CQG makes no sense at this time if you are looking for high-quality order routing. It is well well below standard compared to what we offer now with our own order routing service. And we are going to be producing a video explaining why.

And we are also working on a new project to expand our data feed offerings, and improve the level of service with our SC Exchange Data Feed, in regards to symbol limitations and pricing. This is a major major item. And we have already accomplished this for the CME group of exchanges with the Denali Exchange Data Feed.

And we are so busy with so much development, the What is New page is not kept up-to-date. It is not even close to a complete log of what we are doing. It only represents about 20% of the work.

And another major item you simply are unaware of, is the maintenance of a very very large code base. Correcting small problems, ensuring things are well-designed and are stable in making various kinds of improvements, to ensure stability and performance. This is an immense task. Quickly throwing in new functionality without thinking through things properly and doing it properly, and making sure the existing code is perfect, is simply a mistake. It is this mistake is what Interactive Brokers does and that is why that API is nothing more than garbage.

And furthermore we are creating all new dialog windows to be able to make implementation of things like you requested more easier. We do not want to add any new options to the existing dialog windows.
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