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Date/Time: Sat, 18 May 2024 10:47:37 +0000

Post From: Ackin's indicators (SCH users requests for studies) - Update list

[2019-08-31 19:02:21]
Ackin - Posts: 1865
I can understand VENDORS asking for account names, but I have a question.

IF you're giving away these indicator DLL's for FREE why do you still ask for the account name of paying Sierra Chart customers like myself?
easy answer...protect my work

Share account name:
Purchase of studies/indicators/oscillators

and next:
It has happened to me in the past that I gave libraries without library protection and sierrachart modified the commands. The library was no longer stable in their other versions. I had no tool to turn it off remotely.

And the second case, one vendor took my library and sold it as part of his courses. Without account authorization I do not know who uses it. What's so incomprehensible about that?

Is it possible for you to brute-force attack our account login? and obtain our password?
But I wrote that I understand your concerns. It may look like that. So don't download anything if you think so. I respect you in this, but you also respect me.... my rules for sharing DLL = no source code...my rules...my code....you don't want to?....don't download it..... What are we discussing here?

It's just a matter of simple TRUST, and in this world one cannot be too careful.
Yes I agree

I'd feel much safer if you posted your DLL's to the Sierra forum (if that's even allowed -- shudders) instead of your third-party Czech & Slovak forum.
Do you want to know why am I doing this? Because for each indicator there is a discussion + there are other parallel indications. Can you imagine running 200,300,400 threads without much added value here on the Sierrachart Forum?

If you want us to rrally trust you, you'd let us see the source code of these "basic and simple" (your words) indicators, as other legitimate traders do on this and other quality forums like Futures.io. And you'd apply to be a Sierra Chart vendor.
But that's the joke. I'm not selling anything to you. I offer something for free and you scream that I don't give more

No, the List is full of invalid links, just a few works, why to be there for?
I'm here:

Just like on futures.io, there should be rules about vendor self-promotion within the SC forum, for the protection of SC users. It's just common sense that if you want us to trust you, you will act trustworthy: show us the "basic and simple" .cpp source code, or apply to be a vendor.
Big mike is a fantastic forum, but for Sierrachart users you won't find much source code there. Because nobody wants to send the open code. Do you want the same here?

Request from SCH forum: 90% of those requirements have not been resolved by anyone, then I did it. Most people are glad I solved their problem, and I'm sorry that you didn't understand the main idea.

Otherwise...I understand what you mean, but you're comparing incomparable. The forum you're talking about (Futures.io) is private. Sierrachart forum is a platform forum of product creator. Understand that this platform is growing in popularity and will grow more with studies. Why it should mind them? I help them. You don't even know how many customers wrote me that they switched from another platform just because they have some of my studies. Because it just isn't elsewhere.

Just like on futures.io, there should be rules about vendor self-promotion within the SC forum
also this is a promotion :)

btw to your "Free DLL download = dangerous"
My first post in this thread [2016-04-15 13:10:13]
301 downloads... DOM DLL - users without account name
Freedownload 1 DLL - 97 users with account name, next 176 users without account name from past
Freedownload 2 DLL - 25 users with account name, next 73 users without account name from past
I have the feeling that if anything was bad in libraries, someone would write here on SCH forum about it ... with so many users.
What you write is a pointless attack.

In other threads you write about ACSIL. So you can do programs too. Why don't you make it yourself? Or better ... why don't you do the same and do as many studies as I do at someone's request? Do it and I'll be glad. And I won't ask for the code because I appreciate your work.

Everyone has the opportunity to write me an email and solve for example individual approach or advise in their own code. If I know it I'll answer. But I don't have time to defend myself in this absurd thing. Last time I declare it is voluntary and you have no right to force me to anything just because you have a different opinion. Please respect my rules and conditions for using my own library.

You unnecessarily evoke flame.

And again...thank you for stopping spamming this thread and all Sierrachart forum.
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