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Post From: What is Sierra Chart Working On

[2018-08-29 23:34:49]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104348
We have completed the websocket server within Sierra Chart and that should be out in the next release. This means Sierra Chart is now Web-enabled and web-based applications using JavaScript or whatever language can now easily access the market data and trading functionality in Sierra Chart. TLS secure connections will also be supported. So we will add functionality to support TLS certificates from certificate authorities so browsers do not give warnings.

At some point we will be releasing some web-based applications. There are some applications we are working on, but nothing yet which would be publicly released.

We have also completed most of the trading related performance improvements. We still need to work on the Trade Activity Log further. There is going to be significant changes to make that be able to handle a large amount of trading activity and improve performance overall.

We have the order submission time down to 20 microseconds ( 1/50 of a millisecond). This is the time from submitting a single order from the chart until it is sent over the network.

There are also a lot of requests relating to the Alerts Logging and we should be getting to a lot of enhancements with that at some point but maybe not until early next year. In general we cannot promise when.

Some other near-term items we hope to get done, will be some new order types, and some enhancements to the Chart Trading DOM and Quote Board.

Another item is custom calculated symbols managed at the market data manager level.
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