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[2018-08-07 06:57:26]
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On a side note, do you ever wonder why it is Sierra Chart does not use YouTube, Facebook, twitter, and these other so-called "social media" platforms? It is because why would we want to direct users to these systems when they can stay on the Sierra Chart website and where we can fully control the content. All of our videos are hosted on our website. That is just our policy. We would not host a video on YouTube because it simply makes no sense to us.

And now you can see how these platforms through government pressure, are banning certain kinds of information. Here's an example:

Whether you like or agree with Alex Jones, is now free speech no longer a natural right of human beings?

And the ultimate problem here is while those are private companies, if they are receiving government pressure that is just simply wrong and furthermore, what's next? Are they going to start censorship through Internet connectivity itself? Could be. Proof:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tr_Xl3dTwZc (Beyond belief. But this is actual intended US legislation)

Anyway, this is why we do not use those platforms. Why should we and others give up our power to YouTube and these other dominant systems. It simply makes no sense and we urge our affiliate brokers to get off of YouTube. Use your own sites for your videos. And this is why we are moving away from Microsoft.

Anyone who puts their reliance on Microsoft is going to be subject to being terminated off of the Windows platform anytime Microsoft or the government wants. That is simply just not acceptable. If you think that is nonsense, it is not. It is apparent that this is the reality we are currently in. And that is where these big tech companies are heading. We do not even use use Google anymore. We are glad to be rid of Google off of our website. We have our own much better internal search on this website.

For external search we use Duck Duck Go.
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