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Post From: What is Sierra Chart Working On

[2018-06-07 21:23:10]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 103615
We want to take a moment, to explain work being done on graphics within Sierra Chart. We are creating a common component to handle the operating system graphics functions for drawing charts and really the display of everything throughout the program.

This makes the code more organized and allow Sierra Chart to be ported to other graphics libraries and operating systems more easily.

To improve graphics performance we are going to add support for OpenGL.

Recently, we have seen some graphics related issues reported which have a very minor underlying cause. When we hear about these, they are resolved promptly. They are resolved currently in version 1760.

If there any small issues with the handling of what are called GDI objects or device context handles, this can lead to significant display problems and potentially stability issues and this is one reason why this common graphics component is being created to isolate this code into one place so it can be maintained in one location and make graphics very reliable and fast.

The issues we have seen, are due to very small trivial details which are very easily resolved.
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