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Date/Time: Tue, 23 Oct 2018 02:10:10 +0000

Post From: Software Freezes when setting up Crypto charts

[2017-12-24 15:25:31]
ephi144 - Posts: 7
hello there.

thank you for supporting cryptos.

i have gotten bitcoin and litecoin volume profile charts working. however, when i try ETH USD BITFINIX chart set up the same way. the charts are freezing and i have to 'end task' it.

for bitcoin i have set tick size to 30
for litecoin to 1
for eth to 5

(under the chart settings window using F5 key)

any idea what i may need to do?

i have m.2 drive, 6 core 12 thread CPU, 2 GTX 960s.