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Date/Time: Mon, 22 Oct 2018 09:12:35 +0000

Post From: Flex Renko Charting Problem

[2017-12-03 10:35:39]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 65062
1. This statement makes no sense whatsoever. Flex Renko bars have always been built upon the true high and low values of the underlying data records. Nothing has changed. You simply do not have the proper perspective to even be commenting on this.

2. You cannot make the comparison you are in the attached chart image. You are comparing a substandard piece of software ninja trash to a very very capable sophisticated program like Sierra Chart. Of course you are going to see the fake close values at the extreme of those chart bars because it is not capable of anything else. Sierra Chart also provides the Renko Close value as well. Why you do not use that, we do not know. But do not bother to tell us here. That is up to you.

3. At this present time we are delivering what users are requiring. The simple fact is you do not even realize why you see what you do. If you were to look at the Tool Values Window for each bar, you will see the correct OHLC values:

The overlay that you are doing, is not copying the bars correctly because you are not using tick by tick data. It is giving you a false impression.

4. If you have to pay for reprogramming, and sometimes you have to realize that would be necessary but we do not even see that is the case here at all.

Furthermore, if you are not expressing an issue, until you sort of did in this last post, then we are not going to understand it. What you are enduring is simply the inability to properly express the issue. But actually you are expressing not any genuine issue at all. You are only showing a problem with the overlay study. Will see if we can solve that. But not necessarily.

This is what we see:

This chart is using tick by tick data. The problem is you are not using tick by tick data, so the overlay is not actually overlaying the true data for each bar in some cases but rather the first bar which is getting split into other bars subsequent to it.

And we have GT trader posting in this thread thinking that he knows what he is talking about and latching onto a thread which is likely unrelated to whatever issue he has. And then he goes out of his way to do advertising for us which he thinks is going to hurt. We do not share that view. And even if hypothetically it does hurt, we really do not care because Renko bars do work properly and they have a wide range of configurations which do meet the requirements of our users. If there any genuine issues we will always resolve those.

Then to add insult to injury, you say you're more than happy to lose customers over this (which I see you have since deleted)

That still exist in post #9. We do not know how you come to that conclusion that it was deleted. Obviously you are coming to a false conclusion even though you can see our wording right in front of you at all times. When we say we are willing to lose business over this, we mean it. And it is fine for us for that to be posted everywhere on the Internet. We tell it like it is.
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