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Post From: What is Sierra Chart Working On

[2017-10-02 10:03:41]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 103616
The next notable areas of development are as follows:

Various work related to chart bars. Also including the ability to build custom bars using ACSIL efficiently.

Ability to load data for multiple symbols into the chart which share the same timeframe as the main symbol.

Study Summary window (More details to come later).

There is a lot of development we do each and every single day that is not really being noted on the What is New page. We try to make notes about the more significant items though. We are just trying to get through a lot of the development as quickly as possible. We are updating the main Sierra Chart documentation as it is done.

We still intend to get millisecond time stamping and market by order out before the end of the year.

Keep your questions to a minimum on this Support Board so that this does not take too much of our time away from development.

Many of the discussed in this thread are done including:

-The ability to modify chart drawings that are copied from another chart, on the destination chart (Chart they were copied to)

-Updating of all of the specialized market data columns on the Chart/Trade DOM during a chart replay

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