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Date/Time: Sun, 04 Jun 2023 08:21:15 +0000

Post From: Chart problems

[2017-07-18 10:08:35]
User132576 - Posts: 5
I have three question and hope you can help me:

1. the 1 min chart is not showing full candles, only lines? how to change that ( I did the f5 but I still see lines not candles)
2. why is the price lagging? I use BitMEX.
3 chart looks slightly different from the BitMEX website, candles are different size compared to your chart please see attached,

Thank you,

image20170718_100725.jpg / V - Attached On 2017-07-18 10:07:54 UTC - Size: 442.29 KB - 187 views
Attachment Deleted.