Run Sierra Chart on GNU/Linux, BSD, Solaris and Mac OS X


Sierra Chart can be run on GNU/Linux, BSD, Solaris and Mac OS X. The instructions below apply to GNU/Linux.


  1. Since Sierra Chart is designed for Microsoft Windows, in order to run it on other operating systems you will require Wine. Use your operating system's package manager to install Wine or go to the Wine website to download and install Wine.
  2. Optionally install Winetricks.
  3. Install the vcrun2010 and corefonts packages. These can be easily installed by using Winetricks.
  4. Download and install Sierra Chart on your alternative operating system. It is necessary to run the version of Sierra Chart with New Spreadsheets, so there is no dependency upon Microsoft CLR (common language runtime) components. To download Sierra Chart, go to the Download page. The Download page has a link to the New Spreadsheets version of Sierra Chart.
  5. When later updating Sierra Chart to a newer version, make certain that you always download the version with New Spreadsheets.

Known Issues

Wine 1.6 - Network access

Reading for a HTTP request (1) failed. Windows error code 18: No more files.

Issue with File and Network access which result in failing to access some services. The bug has been resolved with Wine 1.7.


Update to Wine 1.7.

*Last modified Wednesday, 01st March, 2017.