Real-Time Data


This page documents the subject of real-time market data.

It explains what categories of data have real-time data which are included with the Sierra Chart Service Packages.

For other categories of data that the Service Packages do not directly include real-time data for, it explains how to obtain that data.

Historical Data is provided for all symbols.

What Real-Time Data is Directly Included with the Service Packages

Refer to the image below to know what particular symbols provide real-time streaming data as part of the Sierra Chart Service Packages. This information applies to trials and also to the paid Service Packages. The listed symbols have real-time data directly provided by the Service Packages.

So the categories which include real-time data as part of the Service Packages are as follows:

  • CFD
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Forex
  • FX Indexes
  • Market Stats
  • BitMEX/Poloniex/(any other future listed cryptocurrency exchange)

Real-time Futures, Equities/Stocks, Options and Cash Index Data

To receive real-time streaming data for Futures, Equities/Stocks, Options or Cash indexes which come from exchanges, you will need to connect Sierra Chart to an external supported Data and Trading service. Refer to the supported Supported Data and Trading Services page for the list and complete details.

Realtime data from exchanges in almost all cases has an additional cost.

Or, to receive real-time streaming data for Futures, Equities/Stocks, Options or Cash indexes from exchanges, you can pay for and activate the Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed. This is a Sierra Chart provided data feed and is an additional cost in addition to the Service Packages. This data feed has an up to a 2 week trial for 5 USD.

For a complete understanding of real-time futures data, refer to the Is Historical Real-time Futures Data Included page. This is an essential read.

*Last modified Thursday, 18th January, 2018.