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How to Create High Accuracy Spread or Ratio Charts

Normally when using the Difference - Bar or Ratio - Bar studies to create a spread or ratio chart, the High and the Low for a bar may not always be very accurate because it is based upon the highs and lows between the chart bars themselves in the two charts that the study references, rather than the difference or ratio between the last trade prices, as the chart bars are forming in real time.

Those highs and lows may not always have occured at the same time. There is a way to create an accurate Spread or Ratio chart by using Custom Calculated Symbols feature. Using the Custom Calculated Symbols feature is the new method to create high accuracy spread or ratio charts.

As of this writing, historical data is not supported with Custom Calculated Symbols other than what has been recorded from the streaming data feed. Historical data for times when not connected to the streaming data feed, is going to be added. We expect before the end of 2019.

*Last modified Wednesday, 09th October, 2019.