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Chart Tools Do Not Work Properly | Lines Are Not Visible or Appear in Wrong Location

When using a Drawing Tool from the Tools menu and the Chart Drawing does not appear as you draw it or it displays in a different location than where you are drawing it, then this could be caused by out of order date or time data in a chart.

It can also be caused by repeating timestamps.

The location of the incorrect date or time would be probably where the Chart Drawing is appearing.

These issues can be caused by your computer clock being set incorrectly when using a data feed that time stamps data to your local computer clock. Or your Data service has given incorrect date and time data.

  1. Make certain your computer's date and time are set accurately. For complete information refer to help topic 38.
  2. You can mark bars that have out of order timestamps by applying the Out of Order Timestamps Detector study to the chart.
  3. Next you will need to delete and re-download the data with the incorrect timestamps, or delete the data file. To delete and re-download the data, refer to help topic 2.1.2. The other possibility is to delete the entire data file following the instructions in the Intraday Data Editor documentation page.
  4. Another solution is to select Chart >> Chart Settings on the menu. Set the Days to Load to a smaller number to prevent loading the data that contains the incorrect timestamps.

*Last modified Monday, 12th September, 2022.