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Technical Studies Reference

Directional Movement Oscillator

This study calculates and displays a Directional Movement Oscillator (DMO) for the Price Data. This study is closely related to the Directional Movement Index (DMI). Refer to that study for an explanation of the notation used here.

Just as in the DMI study, the Length Input is denoted as \(n_{DX}\). The DMO is the difference between the Directional Movement Indices. Mathematically we denote the DMO at Index \(t\) as \(DMO_t(n_{DX})\), and we compute it for \(t \geq n_{DX} - 1\) as follows.

\(DMO_t(n_{DX}) = DI^{(+)}_t(n_{DX}) - DI^{(-)}_t(n_{DX})\)


*Last modified Monday, 26th September, 2022.