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Technical Studies Reference

Price Change Since Open

This study calculates and displays the Price Change of the chart on which this study is applied, based on the Input Data.


  • Start Time Type: When set to Time Period Type/Length, then the Time Period Type and Time Period Length Inputs set the time period for which the the price change is calculated. This calculation will repeat for each of the periods in the chart starting from the beginning of the chart. The beginning of each time period is affected by the chart Session Times settings.

    If this is set to First Bar in Chart, the opening price used for the price calculation is data of the first bar in the chart and the calculation continues until the last bar in the chart without resetting.

    Through Chart >> Chart Settings, you can control the starting date in the chart or how many days to load in the chart to control the opening price when using First Bar in Chart. Refer to Use Date Range >> From / To.
  • Time Period Type: Sets the type of time period for the calculation. This Input works in conjunction with Time Period Length. For a 1 Day period, set this to Days.
  • Time Period Length: Sets the quantity to be used with Time Period Type. For example, for a period of 1 Day, set this to 1 and set Time Period Type to Days.
  • Input Data for Opening Bar: This is the Input Data element of the bar for the bar at the open for the time period.
  • Input Data for Current Price: This is the Input Data element of each bar to calculate the percent change as compared to the opening bar.
  • Multiplier: This multiplies the Price Change at each bar by the amount specified.

*Last modified Friday, 02nd October, 2020.