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Technical Studies Reference

Forward Curve

This study displays up to five Forward Curves for a given futures contract.

Each Forward Curve is determined by taking the entered date of the forward curve, and then displaying the closing value on that date for each of the available contracts going forward in time the number of months specified.

The amount of data displayed is dependent on the number of contracts available for the underlying instrument. Therefore, entering a longer period of time, may not display any additional data.

This calculation does not take into account any other variables, such as holding or shipping costs.

The Forward Curve study is only valid for Historical charts. If a Forward Curve study is applied to an Intraday chart, then the chart will be changed to an Historical chart and will remain an Historical chart after the removal of the Forward Curve.

Most other studies will not display correctly when the Forward Curve is being displayed. This is due to the Forward Curve data not being associated with specific dates and times, but with contract months and years. Therefore, it is recommended that you display the Forward Curve by itself.


  • Number of Months Forward to Load: This sets the number of months forward in time for the display of the Forward Curve. This is set to be the number of months forward from the most recent date defined by the Days Back for Forward Curve settings.
  • Days Back for Forward Curve 1-5: This sets the date that the Forward Curve will be calculated to. It is set by the number of days back from the current day. This allows for the Forward Curve to update itself as time moves into a new day. For example, if this is set to a value of 3, and today is April 12, 2018, then the curve is drawn for April 9, 2018. When today's date becomes April 13, 2018, then the curve will display for April 10, 2018.

    Setting this to a value of 0, removes the Forward Curve.

    The data for the Forward Curve ignores weekends, therefore the actual date of the curve may be a day or two forward of the expected date, if the original date falls on a weekend.
  • Display Date with Forward Curve: Setting this to Yes will display the date that each Forward Curve is associated with next to the curve itself. Setting this to No will not display the date of the Forward Curve.

*Last modified Friday, 08th March, 2019.