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Technical Studies Reference

Extend Bar Value Until Future Intersection

This study will draw an extension line from the selected bar element, chosen through the Input Data Input, for each chart bar. This extension line stops when it intersects with a future price bar.

The results of the study are not placed into the standard study Subgraph but instead extension lines are added to the chart. These extension lines are programmatically accessible through ACSIL with the sc.GetStudyLineUntilFutureIntersection function.

Otherwise, these extension lines are not outputted to Spreadsheets or displayed in the Chart Values windows.

When using this study on an Intraday chart which has been set through the chart Session Times to display the full 24 hours of data, in most cases the Open, High, Low, Close values will be intersected at the very next chart bar. So you will not see extension lines.


  • Input Data From Bar for Extension
  • Display Value Label: Set this to Yes to display a value label on each extension line.
  • Name Label: Set this to the text of the name label you want to display on each extension line.

*Last modified Sunday, 15th March, 2020.