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Technical Studies Reference

Date-Time Line

This study draws a vertical line at every instance of the specified time on an Intraday chart. If you want lines at other times, then add this study multiple times to the chart, and configure each one appropriately.

There is also the Vertical Grid which can be configured for the chart instead of using this study.

This study uses 2 Subgraphs for drawing the vertical line. These are SG1 (Subgraph 1) and SG2 (Subgraph 2). If you want to change the Draw Style to draw, for example, a point on the high of the bar to highlight a particular time, then set the Draw Style for SG1 to Point on High and set the Draw Style for SG2 to Ignore.

Or you could set the Draw Style for SG1 to Color Bar to color the bars in the chart at the specified time and set the Draw Style for SG2 to Ignore.

Refer to the Adding/Modifying Studies documentation to change Subgraph settings.


  • Time of Line: The time where you want a Time Line displayed for each day in an Intraday chart. This needs to be entered in a 24-hour time format. Example 4 PM would be entered at 16:00:00.
  • Display Custom Label: Set this Input to Yes to display a custom text label at the bottom of the Time Line.
  • Label Vertical Position %.: This Input specifies the percentage, where 1 equals 1%, that the custom text label is positioned from the bottom of the Time Line.
  • Custom Label Text: This Input specifies the Text to display at the bottom of the Time Line when Display Custom Label is set to Yes.

    To set the font size for the custom label text, go to the Subgraphs Tab of the Study Settings window for the study. Select the Custom Label Color and Text Size Subgraph and set the Size to the point size you require for the font.
  • Display in Forward Projection Area: When this Input is set to Yes, then this means that the Time Line will also be displayed in the Forward Projection area after the last bar in the chart, if there is a matching time.
  • Allowed Range for Match in Minutes: The Time Line is drawn at chart bars that have the nearest matching time to the specified time. In the case where there is not an exact match, this Input specifies the number of minutes before and after the bar time, where a closest match is allowed.

    For example, if the Time of Line Input is set to 09:00:00 and the time of the nearest matching bar in the chart during a day is 09:10:00 and Allowed Range for Match in Minutes has a setting of 5, then there will not be a Time Line drawn at the 09:10:00 bar because according to this Input, there is no matching chart bar during the day for the specified time.
  • Matching Method: This Input specifies the method by which the Time of Line Input setting is matched with the chart times. This can be either Nearest or Containing. When this is set to Nearest, then the bar with the nearest matching time compared to Time of Line is where the Time Line will be displayed. When it is set to Containing, then this means that the Time of Line needs to contain the chart bar time for it to be displayed on that bar.

*Last modified Saturday, 04th February, 2023.