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Technical Studies Reference

Pivot Range - Variable Period

This study function is similar to Pivot Points - Variable Period in regards to its Inputs and general functioning. However, the calculations are different.

This study has 4 Subgraphs. The following is the calculation method for each of the Subgraphs.

  • PreviousHLCAvg (Subgraph: HLCAvg / HLCAvg) = (PreviousPeriodHigh + PreviousPeriodLow + PreviousPeriodClose) / 3
  • HLCAvgMinusHLAvg = PreviousHLCAvg - ((PreviousHigh + PreviousLow)/2 )
  • Subgraph: Top Range = PreviousHLCAvg + HLCAvgMinusHLAvg
  • Subgraph: Bottom Range = PreviousHLCAvg - HLCAvgMinusHLAvg


Refer to the documentation for the Pivot Points - Variable Period study for a description of the available Inputs. They are the same.

*Last modified Friday, 09th June, 2017.