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Technical Studies Reference

Daily OHLC - Single Point

The study is identical to the Daily OHLC study, except that rather than drawing lines at the Open, High, Low and Last prices for the trading day, it will draw a single marker at these points in the chart were these prices occurred at. Refer to the image.


  • This study uses the same Inputs as Daily OHLC except for: Reference Days Back which will always be 0 with this study, and Graph High Low Historically which will always be No with this study.
  • Display High/Low Price Labels: When this input is set to Yes, then labels will be drawn by the High and Low markers indicating the actual price values of these.
  • Draw Extension Lines: When this input is set to Yes, then extension lines will be drawn from the High and Low markers until they are intersected by future price bars.

*Last modified Friday, 21st April, 2017.