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Technical Studies Reference

CCI Predictor

The CCI Predictor study is used with Intraday Range bar charts. It will draw arrows on the last column of a CCI (Commodity Channel Index) study that indicate the possible closing values of the CCI at the last bar.

Follow these general instructions to use the study:

  1. Open a new or go to an existing Intraday chart.
  2. In Chart >> Chart Settings for the chart. Set the Bar Period Type to Range per Bar - Standard and specify the number of Ticks in the box below. Otherwise, the study will not work as expected.
  3. Add the Commodity Channel Index study to the chart.
  4. Add the CCI Predictor study to the chart.
  5. Both the Commodity Channel Index study and the CCI Predictor study need to be set to the same Chart Region.
  6. Make sure the Length Input with the CCI Predictor study is set to the same Length as the Commodity Channel Index study.

*Last modified Friday, 21st April, 2017.