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Technical Studies Reference

Overlay Non-sync

This study overlays a price graph from another chart on a chart. Multiple overlay studies can be added to a chart to overlay more than one price graph on a chart. The price graph you are overlaying can be from a chart with a different time period. Unlike the Overlay (Bar) study, there is no synchronization between the charts.

By default, the Scale Range is set to independent for this study. This allows the Overlay to be visible when overlaying on a graph with a completely different price range. If you are overlaying a graph on a chart with similar prices, the Overlay graph line will not match the scale of the graph it is overlaid on. To make the graph line match, set the Scale for this study to Automatic. Refer to the Study Settings Window section for complete instructions for changing the scale.

The colors of the bars are set through the study color settings.


  • Chart Number to Overlay: Identifying number of the chart to overlay on the chart this study is applied to. Chart identifying numbers are right of the # displayed on the title bar of the chart and at the top of the price graph. The chart to overlay must also be open.

*Last modified Friday, 21st April, 2017.