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Technical Studies Reference

Horizontal Lines

The Horizontal Line study is used for drawing one or more horizontal lines on other studies and on the main price graph.

The lines can be drawn in any region on the chart by setting the Settings >> Settings and Inputs >> Chart Region setting in the Study Settings window to the Chart Region you want to display the lines in.

The Horizontal Lines study can be added as many times as you require to a chart.

The Horizontal Lines study supports drawing up to 40 horizontal lines. The value of each of the lines is set through the corresponding Line [N] Value: Input.

The visibility of a horizontal line is controlled through the Subgraphs >> [select Subgraph] >> Draw Style setting in the Study Settings window, for each horizontal line Subgraph. To display a horizontal line, set the corresponding Subgraph to a visible Draw Style. To not display a particular horizontal line, set its Draw Style to Ignore. For more information refer to the Draw Style documentation.

Name and Value Labels can be enabled for each Horizontal Line. A custom Short Name can be assigned to the Name Label as well.

Filling the Area between Two Horizontal Lines

If you want to use the Horizontal Lines study draw a rectangular filled region between two levels on a chart, then follow these general instructions:

  1. On the Settings and Inputs tab of the Study Settings window for the study, set the Chart Region setting to 1.
  2. Enable the Draw Study underneath Main Price Graph option.
  3. Set the Line 1 Value Input to the top value of the rectangular region.
  4. Set the Line 2 Value Input to the bottom value of the rectangular region.
  5. On the Subgraphs tab of the Study Settings window for the study, set the Draw Style for the Line 1 Subgraph to Fill Rectangle Top.
  6. Set the Draw Style for the Line 2 Subgraph to Fill Rectangle Bottom.
  7. Set the Draw Style for all other Subgraphs to Ignore.
  8. Change any other Subgraphs settings as required. For the color settings it is recommended to use a color similar to the background of the chart.


  • Line [N] Value: The level to draw a horizontal line at within the Chart Region the study is set to display in.
  • Set All Subgraph Display Settings to Be Same as First: When this Input is set to Yes, then the Draw Style, Primary Color, Line Style, Line Width and Name and Value Labels for the first Subgraph are also applied to the remaining Subgraphs. Use this with caution because it will change the the Draw Style for all of the other Horizontal Line Subgraphs from Ignore to a visible style. So it should only be used if you want to have all Subgraphs be visible.

*Last modified Monday, 26th September, 2022.