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Disabling Sierra Chart User Interface to Eliminate Graphics Load

Doing the following will eliminate virtually all of the graphics related CPU load from Sierra Chart.

Enable Global Settings >> General Settings >>General 4 >> Destroy Chart Windows When Hidden. This is an essential step. For complete documentation, refer to Destroy Chart Windows When Hidden.

Enable the following option for each chart currently open: Window >> Hide Window. This completely disables the graphics of a chart.

Uncheck each Control Bar through Window >> Control Bars >> Control Bar #. This completely disables Control Bars.

Make sure the following Windows are not open:

  • Window >> Message Log (If there is a large amount of messages frequently being added to the Message Log then we can make available the functionality which currently exists to disable that)
  • Trade >> Trade Activity Log (Set the controls at the top so that no order activity is being displayed. For example choose [Sim]All Symbols to display only simulated trading if there is only live trading occurring.)
  • Trade >> Trade Service Log
  • Trade >> Trade Orders and Positions

Doing the above will prevent any graphics output which greatly reduces CPU usage.

*Last modified Friday, 26th October, 2018.