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Disabling Sierra Chart User Interface to Eliminate Graphics Load

Doing the following will eliminate virtually all of the graphics related CPU load from Sierra Chart. This is what normally places the greatest amount of load on the primary of execution for Sierra Chart.

Enable Global Settings >> General Settings >> GUI >> Application GUI >> Destroy Chart Windows When Hidden. This is an essential step. For complete documentation, refer to Destroy Chart Windows When Hidden.

Enable the following option for each chart currently open: Window >> Hide Window. This completely disables the graphics of a chart.

Uncheck each Control Bar through Window >> Control Bars >> Control Bar #. This completely disables Control Bars.

Set the following options.

  • Enable Window >> Disable Visible Message Logging. This disables the main Message Log and the Trade Service Log from any messages being visibly listed.
  • Enable Trade >> Trade Activity Log >> Edit >> Disable Trade Activity Log.
  • Disable Trade >> Trade Orders Window >> Orders >> Order List View Enabled.
  • Disable Trade >> Trade Positions Window >> Position >> Position List View Enabled.
  • Disable Trade >> Trade Account Monitor >> Balance >> Balance List View Enabled.

Doing the above will prevent any graphics output which greatly reduces CPU usage.

*Last modified Wednesday, 22nd February, 2023.