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Blacklisted Data and Trade Services


The following is a list of blacklisted Data or Trading services which Sierra Chart has integrated to, were never used by Sierra Chart users, and where a serious problem arose preventing their use from the very beginning. These services are no longer supported by Sierra Chart.

Blacklisted Services

  • IG Markets - Reason: The Story of IG Markets and Sierra Chart. Classic Breach of Contract. Summary: Failed to perform promises to provide market data feed to Sierra Chart and FIX trading connections to IG customers for use with Sierra Chart.
  • E-Signal - Reason: Our Experience with E-Signal. Summary: Failed to perform promises to provide market data feed to Sierra Chart users at originally agreed to terms, effectively removing consideration for us from contract. Almost a year went by before they talked about performing and then they changed their terms.
  • PAT Systems - Reason: At the time Sierra Chart integrated to PAT Systems, their in process API component was used. That component was very unreliable and unstable in various ways. The clearing firm RCG, which the broker who wanted PATS support was working with, increased the prices to use PAT Systems to something like $2000 USD a month. Based on the preceding, the integration effort was for nothing because it was never viable. Sierra Chart also no longer supports in process API components for various reasons. We continue to have a negative view of PAT Systems interfaces. For example, a review of their FIX protocol implementation shows it is unnecessarily complex, not reliable to work with and not typically what we find in FIX implementations.

*Last modified Friday, 21st January, 2022.