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Date/Time: Mon, 17 Jun 2024 07:28:52 +0000

Are custom studies allowed in ARM version?

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[2024-02-27 19:42:12]
kaydotle - Posts: 14
My original post (Custom Study loads in 64.exe but not ARM64.exe) got flagged as programming help, so it won't be exposed to engineering team. But I'd say it's technical related and I've seen similar posts (though different issues) not being flagged. Maybe the context I added made it seem so, so I'll just ask the underlying question.

If custom studies are allowed in ARM64.exe, then I am having an issue just even seeing my list of custom scripts, before I can even add them to the chart (see original post). I'm able to load them fine in 64.exe.

If they aren't allowed, then I know I will have to use 64.exe if I want to use custom studies, despite using an ARM setup.
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[2024-02-27 20:37:38]
User719512 - Posts: 229
I build for both x64 and ARM64, so yes, they are supported. I build all my projects with Visual Studio, so cannot comment on any of the Sierra remote build support for creating ARM64 DLLs.
[2024-02-27 21:41:28]
kaydotle - Posts: 14
So you build it locally using the "Build With Visual C++ - Release" option? This had the same results for me - the dll file builds successfully, but throws a message log error when doing "Add Custom Study". If there's something wrong with the dll file itself, then it's caused by the ARM64.exe.

Is there anything with how I'm doing it or with my setup that sticks out or is very different from you?
[2024-02-27 22:33:40]
User719512 - Posts: 229
I installed Visual Studio 2022. Community Edition is free.
Create a solution.
Create a project file.

Build from within Visual Studio 2022 where you can select Release|Debug and/or x64|ARM64.

After building, just need to release dlls, copy files to data folder, allow dll load. Can do this from build menu, command bar buttons/etc.
[2024-02-27 23:44:40]
kaydotle - Posts: 14
Ok I'll give that a try, thanks!

In the meantime would you be willing to try loading the script from this ARM dll file using ARM64.exe? You don't need to add it to the chart - just to see if you can even see it in the custom studies list.

This would help me confirm whether the issue is the file being built or if it's my program.
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[2024-02-27 23:52:25]
User719512 - Posts: 229
Cannot help you there. Only Sierra people can see your file. If you want to test your ARM64 machine, sign up for OFL Freemium at https://orderflowlabs.com/pages/ofl-freemium. The files there work on x64 and ARM64 so you can see for yourself that such DLLs work as expected.
[2024-03-01 02:34:30]
kaydotle - Posts: 14
Was able to resolve it by building in VS2022!

For future readers - seems like you can't do Remote Build in ARM64 (at least I couldn't), despite it creating a {filename}_ARM64.dll filename. I also had issues building in VS at first too: Remote Build might be incorrectly building x64 dll when in ARM64

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