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Date/Time: Fri, 23 Feb 2024 17:39:13 +0000

Automatic dating limiting change, to 1825 days.

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[2024-02-11 16:11:07]
Martin Wunder - Posts: 7
Hello,When I duplicate a 60 day ESH24 CME chart to a new chartbook,it automatically resets to 1825 days.
Both a 25000 volume chart,and a 1M volume chart do the same thing,they reset to 1825 days.
I have tried everthing that I can,but I cant stop the resetting,from happening.
Even a new ES chart, on the new charbook page does this.

[2024-02-12 18:14:42]
John - SC Support - Posts: 29338
Duplicating a chart should not do this. The number of days to load should carry over with the duplication. We are not sure why this would be occurring. Are you changing the symbol at all?

But, when you open a new chart, the number of days loaded is going to be controlled by either the setting for "Global Settings >> Data/Trade Service Settings >> Common Settings >> Maximum Historical Intraday Days to Download" or if you have saved the number of days to load by using the option for "Chart >> Chart Settings >> Chart Data >> Save Days to Load, Intraday Bar Period, Graph Draw Type as Default".
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[2024-02-12 23:35:08]
Martin Wunder - Posts: 7
Hi John no symbol change.
It just changed to 1825 automatcally,after duplicate to chartbook.
Then I tried to change it in the new chartbook,on the chart,data limiting,number of days to load intra day,it changed to 60 days,then a few seconds later,it automatically changed back to 1825.

The good news is that I tired to change it back to 60 days this evening,and it held,on multiple new chartbooks.
I think that we are good,maybe it was an internet conectivity issue on my end,as I was having some problems,with my 5G connection yesterday, I live out in the country side.

Thank you for replying, the Sierra Chart site is, exceptional.

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