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Date/Time: Fri, 23 Feb 2024 18:10:53 +0000

[Sticky] [Locked] - Notice: Rithmic Disconnections Due to Invalid Symbols

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[2023-12-23 01:55:32]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 12922
Over the last month or more, we have been receiving a lot of reports of users getting disconnected from Rithmic and can see this in the Message Log, when invalid symbols are being used with Rithmic and Rithmic market data is being used.

There will be a connection to Rithmic Market Data if the Rithmic Market Data Username and Market Data Password are set in Global Settings >> Data/Trade Service Settings.

We recommend clearing those Usernames and Passwords and using the Denali Exchange Data Feed instead:
Denali Exchange Data Feed

So what happens is that when Sierra Chart subscribes to a symbol through Rithmic and it is not a valid symbol, the Rithmic market data server disconnects the user.

Users have reported, this happens with newer versions of Sierra Chart. This is clearly a server issue and cannot be version specific. However Sierra Chart does give the version number to Rithmic. And what apparently Rithmic has done is on newer versions of Sierra Chart they disconnect users when there are invalid symbols being used.

So the solution to this is to clean up old and invalid symbols as explained here:

Chart Data and Chart Data Files: Cleaning Up Old and Unused Symbols for Efficiency

And also use the Denali Exchange Data Feed:
Denali Exchange Data Feed

And remove the Rithmic Market Data Username and Market Data Password set in Global Settings >> Data/Trade Service Settings.
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