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Date/Time: Sun, 21 Apr 2024 21:43:34 +0000

sc.SaveChartImageToFileExtended() Only Considers One Chartbook

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[2023-11-10 21:04:42]
User900285 - Posts: 84
I am working on a study that needs to perform a screenshot, the function sc.SaveChartImageToFileExtended() works very nicely except for one thing.

It looks like the function is not able to take a screenshot of a chart from a different chartbook than where the study function originates from. Even if the currently active chartbook has been changed to a different chartbook than where the function originated from.

My study is aware of conditions that are taking place in other chartbooks that are open in the background. It uses sc.OpenChartbook() to dynamically switch to the correct chartbook, before taking the screenshot of the chart where a chart drawing alert originated from.

What I would need for this function is either:
1. Have the ability to select the chartbook (by inputting the Chartbook Name) along with the Chart Number
or 2. When the function is called, it considers the Chart Number of whichever is the currently active chartbook, instead of being locked to the chartbook where the custom study is located..
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[2023-11-13 03:40:54]
User900285 - Posts: 84
I have developed a workaround for this which is to require the user to have one instance of the study per chartbook. The study is aware of which chartbook generated the alert and it will disregard alerts that originated from a different chartbook. My original idea was to have only one study that could handle a large number of open chartbooks but that could get messy. You can disregard the above post, or lower it's priority of importance.
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[2023-11-13 07:56:12]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 14025
We will be reviewing this.
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