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Date/Time: Fri, 01 Dec 2023 10:18:12 +0000

[User Discussion] - Simple Alert expression

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[2014-07-18 09:02:25]
User17064 - Posts: 70
Hi SC support,

Currently, I'm working on the study Color Bar Based on Alert Condition with simple alert.I know it is a little bit complicated what I am mean.But could you help me kindly on this? Maybe throw me the light :P

It's intraday study.For example, The volume of any hourly bar in that day is bigger than the volume of 12:00(1 hr) bar, then please highlight that bar.
I tried some way to do that, I know how to target the bar time and volume, but just could not do the compare action, like SG1[volume,not 12:00]>SG1[12:00]. Becase in [], SC only know the Number like 1,2,3 but not the complicated condition.

Could you help me on that? Thanks!!
[2014-07-19 03:06:18]
User17064 - Posts: 70
Is there any support here,thanks in advance!
[2014-07-19 05:08:31]
Sawtooth - Posts: 3828
You cannot do this directly with a Simple Alert formula.

However, you could do it this way:
1) Add a 60 min chart to the chartbook (as the source chart), set the Session Start Time to 12:00:00 and the End Time to 12:59:59
2) Add the Volume study to the above chart
3) On the original (destination) chart, add the Study/Price Overlay study:
-Check 'Hide Study'
-Set 'Fill Blanks With Last Value' to Yes
-Set the Study to Overlay to the source chart and volume study.
4) Add the Volume study to the original chart
5) Add the Color Bar Based On Alert Condition study to the original chart:
-Put this in the Alerts tab:
-where ID1 is the Volume study, and ID2 is the Overlay study (edit as necessary).

BTW, this can also be done with the Spreadsheet Study study, without any additional charts or studies.

Date Time Of Last Edit: 2014-07-19 15:16:15
[2014-07-19 10:08:29]
User17064 - Posts: 70
Hi tomgilb,

Can not say any more. You are genius!
For the Spreadsheet study...Hum...I saw the guide of the document.Looks like a bit complicated. Need to have patience to drill down into detials

Thanks again!

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