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Date/Time: Sun, 01 Oct 2023 09:32:22 +0000

Data Missing on Charts

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[2023-09-15 20:08:56]
JB01 - Posts: 4

I have been using SC for about 5 months, I have the Denali data feed and a teton order routing account via Stage 5.

I have been primarily using a Funded challenge account via Rithmic, and until this week I have had no issues seeing data and historical intraday data dating back around 100 days as I am using Denali as the data provider.

This week I have missing data when Logged onto my Rithmic Funded Trader service and the missing data is mostly from the last 2-3 weeks, I have tried and checked many things multiple times from the info in the support portal.

I have done the following:
Edit-delete all data and download function
Reload all intraday charts
Disconnect then reconnect
Shut down and restarted

I have checked the following:
Charts Data limiting settings
Rithmic connection settings is set to allow SC data

When starting SC the data load messages jus stay "Blue" Downloading Continuos Contract Data and some "Yellow" Waiting to Download Historical Data. It will just stay like this for hours.

Please guide on the next steps
[2023-09-15 20:12:08]
John - SC Support - Posts: 26610
How many days of data are you trying to load?

Please ensure that you have gone through the following instructions for redownloading data for a Continuous Contract chart:
Continuous Futures Contract Charts: Re-Downloading Continuous Futures Contract Data

Also, please try to open a chart for ESU3.CME and let us know if that data shows properly in the chart. If it is, then it should be showing in the Continuous Contract chart.
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[2023-09-19 08:04:36]
JB01 - Posts: 4
I am trying to load 150 days for the ES and NQ intraday.

The symbol settings check box for use custom settings values was ticked.

I have unchecked that and now everything has loaded.


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