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Date/Time: Thu, 20 Jun 2024 19:55:30 +0000

Single Region Background Color Stuck When Using Color Background Based on Alert Condition

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[2023-08-17 19:19:48]
User274555 - Posts: 14
I have one region (region 3) form my chart that has the background set to gray when the main chart background color is black.

This only occurs when I insert the "Color Background Based On Alert Condition in this specific region 3.

For clarity:
- I can insert the CBBOAC indicator in other regions (2 and 4) and it doesn't change the background color.
- I have nothing else in region 3
- I thought perhaps I had a rectangle drawn in there or something and just couldn't see the edges so I removed all chart drawings.
- As soon as I remove or hide the CBBOAC indicator from region 3. the gray is removed and it goes back to black.
- I am inserting the stock CBBOAC indicator with no formula.

I am stumped as to why only region 3 is having an issue...Anyone have any ideas on this?

I searched the forums and found something similar but I don't see a resolution in this thread:
Region Background Color

[2023-08-17 19:35:27]
User274555 - Posts: 14
OK...I figured out that I did have rectangle stuck in region 3....

So even though I used: Tools > Erase all non text drawings...that must not address drawings in other regions?

Is there a way to see all drawings including those in other regions?
[2023-08-17 20:03:30]
John - SC Support - Posts: 32496
The option "Erase All Non-Text Drawings" should get rid of all the non-text drawings from the chart, regardless of the region they are in. The only reason this would not work is if the drawings were copied from another chart.

The "Tools >> Manage Chart Drawings" window will show you the drawings for the chart, regardless of the region. If the drawing is being copied from another chart, then it will not show in the Manage Chart Drawings window.
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