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Date/Time: Mon, 26 Feb 2024 05:06:43 +0000

Post From: Single Region Background Color Stuck When Using Color Background Based on Alert Condition

[2023-08-17 19:19:48]
User274555 - Posts: 14
I have one region (region 3) form my chart that has the background set to gray when the main chart background color is black.

This only occurs when I insert the "Color Background Based On Alert Condition in this specific region 3.

For clarity:
- I can insert the CBBOAC indicator in other regions (2 and 4) and it doesn't change the background color.
- I have nothing else in region 3
- I thought perhaps I had a rectangle drawn in there or something and just couldn't see the edges so I removed all chart drawings.
- As soon as I remove or hide the CBBOAC indicator from region 3. the gray is removed and it goes back to black.
- I am inserting the stock CBBOAC indicator with no formula.

I am stumped as to why only region 3 is having an issue...Anyone have any ideas on this?

I searched the forums and found something similar but I don't see a resolution in this thread:
Region Background Color