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Date/Time: Wed, 24 Jul 2024 00:33:04 +0000

Market Replay - Market Orders Not Working

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[2023-05-02 22:00:09]
Delta Tango Foxtrot - Posts: 32
I'm using replay without changing any settings from earlier today (live market data - Simulation).

When I click Buy Mkt my order is shown as purchased about $150 lower than where I entered, so I'm immediately in green, however the P&L and the NPL don't move with the price, nor do they show the $150 profit. It looks like my open line is well below where I entered and my take profit and stop loss are where they should be relative to my open.

Opposite happens when I place a Sell Mkt. Immediately in green, but not where I placed the order nor does the P&L or NPL calculate.

Again, same setup worked during mark hours in simulation but not in replay mode.

Actually, every time I close (flatten) a trade the NPL goes down $5.00, no matter if it should have been +$300 or -$300.

Any thoughts?
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[2023-05-03 11:56:14]
Delta Tango Foxtrot - Posts: 32
After trying again this morning with same results, I closed and reopened the chart trade windows and that seemed to clear up this odd bug.

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