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Date/Time: Thu, 20 Jun 2024 19:39:55 +0000

How do I access the .cpp file?

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[2023-05-02 11:44:25]
User357489 - Posts: 20
Hey! So I was sent some .cht files by a former colleague which contained a few custom studies they had made, I hadn't thought about them until a few days ago and I no longer have contact with my afformentioned previous colleague- so my question is; is it possible to find the source code for these custom studies without physically having the .cpp files to drag and drop in to the ASC_Source file/ needing to scour the earth for my colleagues new contact info.

Additionally- if there are any C++ gurus on here that can code custom studies I've put together descriptions of what they do, as to rebuild and replicate.

Appreciate your time
[2023-05-02 13:24:07]
JohnR - User831573 - Posts: 303
There is no way to disassemble / decompile C++ code that I know of to get back to the C++ source.

Here is a link to developers that do work for SierraChart. I presume there are many others that code in ACSIL. If you want to shop it around, you could also try some of the for hire sites, like Fiverr or UpWork or others.


Sierra Chart - Study and System Programmers

Hope this helps
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