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Date/Time: Tue, 28 May 2024 23:18:50 +0000

Post From: How do I access the .cpp file?

[2023-05-02 11:44:25]
User357489 - Posts: 20
Hey! So I was sent some .cht files by a former colleague which contained a few custom studies they had made, I hadn't thought about them until a few days ago and I no longer have contact with my afformentioned previous colleague- so my question is; is it possible to find the source code for these custom studies without physically having the .cpp files to drag and drop in to the ASC_Source file/ needing to scour the earth for my colleagues new contact info.

Additionally- if there are any C++ gurus on here that can code custom studies I've put together descriptions of what they do, as to rebuild and replicate.

Appreciate your time