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Date/Time: Tue, 30 May 2023 11:34:34 +0000

Show Historical Pullback AskVolume BidVolume Difference on footprint query

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[2023-03-08 10:10:43]
User274507 - Posts: 24
I'm trying to get my head around what the 'Show Historical Pullback AskVolume BidVolume Difference' shows and would appreciate your feedback. I've re-read the description on your webpage and I've read the description on when it resets and accumulate on new high/low, which I've copied and put at the bottom of this email for reference. But I wanted to verify with you if my understanding is correct and whether I need to do something to make this difference calculate diagonally which I would think would be more accurate.

As I understand it, when a new footprint bar makes a new high compared to the last footprint bar, the 'historical pullback..' shows a figure above the bar of the delta of the volume traded since that new high was done above the previous bar. For that same bar, if a high lower is made, so no new low compared to previous bar, does the delta for the figure underneath the bar just continue to be calculated and not reset? Then once the low of a new bar breaches the low of a previous bar (not the close) then it resets?

Also is this delta worked out diagonally? Which I assume gives more correct information?

info from the description page:
When this Input is set to Yes, then the Ask Volume and Bid Volume difference since the last reset is displayed above and below each Numbers Bar. The value at the top of the bar is the Ask Volume and Bid Volume difference since the last reset from the High and the value at the bottom of the bar is the Ask Volume and Bid Volume difference since the last reset from the low.
For this setting to have an effect and actually display the Ask Volume and Bid Volume difference, it is necessary to enable the Historical Pullback Data for the chart in Chart >> Chart settings >> Chart Data. Refer to Historical Pullback Data for information about this setting and the exact meaning of the two resetting methods.
Reset and Accumulate on New High/Low: This includes all of the volume data from the trades from the point that a new bar High or Low is made, including the trade making the new extreme. On a new bar High or Low, the corresponding volume data since the prior High or Low is cleared. Separate High and Low volume data is maintained for each bar.
[2023-03-08 15:35:46]
John - SC Support - Posts: 24473
It is not a comparison to the previous bar. The pullback data resets whenever the current bar has a new High, or a new Low. It then accumulates the data until there is another new high (or low) and then resets and starts accumulating again.

The Ask/Bid Difference is not a diagonal comparison, just a straight comparison.
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