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Date/Time: Tue, 30 May 2023 05:46:10 +0000

Update Notepad++

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[2023-03-06 18:32:35]
maxpi - Posts: 149
I notice that much newer versions of Notepad++ are available. Will updating to the latest 64bit version cause problems that anybody knows of?
[2023-03-06 21:29:17]
John - SC Support - Posts: 24473
You can always install Notepad++ separate from the one that we send with Sierra Chart. You would then need to change the path to the Notepad++ for editing files - specifically the following setting:
General Settings Window: Text Editor Path and Filename (Global Settings >> General Settings >> Paths >> Files and Folder Paths)

If there is a problem with the version you downloaded, then you can change the above setting to point back to the Notepad++ we send with Sierra Chart.
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[2023-03-07 00:54:17]
User90125 - Posts: 715
Apparently the build provided with SC has a date of Dec 4 2019 - v7.8.2.

Would SC eventually consider updating the 64-bit version it provides to a more current build?

The current version is 8.5.
[2023-03-07 03:32:24]
ondafringe - Posts: 222
IMO, if you're going to code, learn to use Visual Studio Community so you can easily track down problems, check the contents of variables, etc. using the debugger, or you will end up chasing your tail when your code flips out on you -- and your code will flip out on you. :)
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