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Tick-Level Data for Bitstamp/Bitfinex

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[2014-06-11 19:03:03]
btcdt95 - Posts: 8
Hi all,

I've downloaded tick-level Bitstamp/Bitfinex exchange data from bitcoincharts.com but their data does not tell me in what order trades occur within a second. So, if 2 trades "X" and "Y" happen at 3:00:00 on 01/01/2014, one dataset lists X then Y and the same dataset (but downloaded at a different time) lists Y then X.

So my questions are as follows:

(1) Do you offer tick-by-tick data that shows the order in which the trades happened WITHIN a second?

(2) Do you pull tick-by-tick data from a source other than bitcoincharts? Are you using the exchange order books or what? I need a 2nd source to compare to (besides bitcoincharts).

(3) Do you make your data downloadable via CSV/another format to use with statistical software?

Thank you!
[2014-06-12 17:01:17]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
1. Yes. But we assume that the trades provided by the exchange where the data comes from, is in the proper order. We have no way to verify this. But we have no reason to think it is wrong either. So we do think it is correct.

2. The data comes direct from the exchanges.

3. The data can be exported. Refer to:
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