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Date/Time: Sat, 25 Mar 2023 13:12:15 +0000

Decimal number

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[2023-01-30 05:35:41]
User117548 - Posts: 10
Hi team,

I hope you guys have a good day!

I am really enjoying trading with Sierra as it provides a number of useless tools!

However, I am struggling with volume decimal numbers. For example, in my attached image, the volume for future gold ( I am using continuous future contract - Volume based rollover) and volume always display in .0, like 20.0/ -10.0.

Is there any way to make this 20.0 volume become 20 only? as it is unnecessary to have .0 in gold volume and it distracts me from data.

I tried "adjust data" function ( from this article Adjusting Data ) but somehow it did not work. After I press OK (I only change Volume multiplier from 1 to 10), volume displays still as 20.0. When I reopen "Adjust data" window again, I saw that volume multiplier turned back to 1 again.

Please kindly help me in this case

Thank you
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[2023-01-30 08:59:49]
User431178 - Posts: 227
In the study setting window, set the Value Format to 1, that is it.
Chart Studies: Settings and Inputs Tab >> Value Format
[2023-01-30 09:08:07]
User117548 - Posts: 10

Thank you for your reply.

I did put it like you said ( actually, i believe the default is 1 already) but it still havent changed my volume number ( see my attached image).
imageUntitled.png / V - Attached On 2023-01-30 09:08:01 UTC - Size: 61.89 KB - 14 views
[2023-01-30 09:44:09]
User431178 - Posts: 227
No, that is the chart settings window, you need to set it for the appropriate study in the Study Settings Window.

Chart Studies: Study Settings Window
[2023-01-30 11:32:53]
User117548 - Posts: 10
Really thank you.

I got it!!!

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