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Date/Time: Sat, 25 Mar 2023 13:45:28 +0000

My trade position is hidden behind my horizontal lines

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[2023-01-24 23:53:46]
User409264 - Posts: 7
Hi SC Support,

Would think this is a common problem with an easy fix; however, cannot locate it and have tried off and on for several days. I have a lot of horizontal lines on my charts and when I enter trades or set pending positions on my charts the trade position line (think that's the right term) on my chart is hidden underneath my lines. I would think by default the trade position would always be on top? Is there a way to set up SC so the trade position will always be on top and not hidden by my lines.

Thank you
[2023-01-25 15:13:23]
John - SC Support - Posts: 23204
The settings that are available for this moves the drawings to the back. Refer to the two settings starting at the following:
Chart Settings: Draw Highlight Drawings Underneath Main Graph and Studies (Chart >> Chart Settings >> Chart Drawings menu)
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[2023-01-25 19:14:15]
User585104 - Posts: 67
Just out of interest, I use the cross-hair all the time and this is above my trade positions. Is there a way to modify that too?
[2023-01-25 19:35:28]
User409264 - Posts: 7
Hi John,
Implementated & Success!
Thank you

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