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Date/Time: Sat, 25 Mar 2023 13:42:30 +0000

John I need you....

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[2023-01-14 15:27:09]
User849502 - Posts: 218
Can you help dopey me create a chart with the BTC basis? Meaning the spread over/under which the BTC future at the CME is trading vs the cash/perp? Is it possible? I tried a couple of attempts but they were failures...

Thank you for any suggestions.


ps it would be CME BTC - XBT-USD bimex
[2023-01-16 14:39:06]
John - SC Support - Posts: 23204
There are a few options for how to do this. Since you are dealing with a CME Future that will keep changing the front contract, we would recommend using the Add Additional Symbol and Spreadsheet Formula (Bar) studies. The following instructions are to get you a bar that shows the differences in the Open/High/Low/Close. If you just want the close then you could use the Spreadsheet Formula and just use the Close Formula.

- Open a Chart for the CME BTC Futures.
- Add the Add Additional Symbol study and set it for the XBT-USD-Bitmex symbol that you want.
- Add the Spreadsheet Formula (Bar) study and enter the following for formulas:
- Open Formula: ID0.SG1 - ID1.SG1
- High Formula: ID0.SG2 - ID1.SG2
- Low Formula: ID0.SG3 - ID1.SG3
- Close Formula: ID0.SG4 - ID1.SG4

Where ID1 is the ID of the Add Additional Symbol study.

Refer to the following documentation:
Add Additional Symbol

Spreadsheet Formula


Another way to do the above is to use the Custom Calculated symbols. Refer to the information here:
Custom Calculated Symbols
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[2023-01-16 16:16:27]
User849502 - Posts: 218
you da best!!! Thanks mate and I will do this later today. Appreciate your time.
[2023-01-20 00:02:39]
User989530 - Posts: 20
Sup User849502!
I was trying to dm you, sent you the request!

Regards buddy!

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