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Date/Time: Wed, 29 Mar 2023 06:48:20 +0000

Denali feed error - still getting delayed data yet account paid

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[2023-01-03 15:10:32]
User100081 - Posts: 18
You can plainly see there is money in the account, yet getting error message Denali cancelled for insufficient funds. Directly below that clearly shows I am paid up, have click the renew now button multiple times to manually restart.

Account Notes/Actions Required:
Messages From Support -
2023-01-01 00:02:27:

Denali Data Feed Exchange(s) have been canceled on your account due to Insufficient account balance for renewal.

You can reactivate the recently deactivated exchanges from this page:

To add funds to your account, go to:

If you have already reactivated the Exchange(s), then ignore this message.

Your usage time will automatically renew in 48 days (2023-02-20). Provided that there is sufficient Services Balance at the time of renewal. Use Renew Now to manually extend the usage time on your account for the number of selected months and Service Package and have the amount deducted from the Service Balance. However, there is not a need to do this because this will happen automatically on 2023-02-20.
[2023-01-03 15:29:03]
John - SC Support - Posts: 23263
The exchange did not automatically reactivate as there was a price increase from the CME Group such that the cost of the exchange went from $11.00 to $11.50. We apologize that you may not have realized this beforehand, as we see that you did have $11.00 in your account at the time of the renewal, but since this was not enough the exchange did not renew.

Since that time, you have added additional funds and renewed your Usage Time, such that you do not have any funds left in your account. In order to reactivate the exchange, you will need to have at least $11.50 in your account and you can then reactivate the exchange by going to the Recurring Services page, scrolling to the bottom and selecting the button for "Reactivate Exchange" for the exchange you want to reactivate. You can access the Recurring Services page at the following link:
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[2023-01-03 15:34:35]
User100081 - Posts: 18
This makes no sense. First, SC could’ve sent an email stating the .50 increase, instead, they said on the Account Control Panel $11 was due, which I paid on 12/29. Then, today I paid another $25 to pad the account. Why are you then asking for yet another payment?
[2023-01-03 15:49:48]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 7412
We do not provide notifications when there are exchange fee increases. Since these costs are just passed through to the users.

We make adjustments to the pricing about 24 hours before they go into effect.

This is what we see:
2023-01-03 14:59:06   *   User pressed "Renew Now"   gcooper0     10           23550046   2023-01-20     36.00
2023-01-03 14:58:23   *   [Services Balance] | Payment. Paid as 25 usd.   SYSTEM       25.00 usd

So you did make that 25 USD payment but then you pressed Renew Now which extended your service package by another month. That had a cost of 36 USD.
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