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Disrupted internet question

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[2022-11-25 18:10:14]
Black_Flag_Marine - Posts: 1
Hello, I'm considering moving over from Ninjatrader 8 to Sierra Chart. I travel and don't always have the best internet connection. NT8 relies on a steady feed to build charts over time, if the connection ever drops out, I'm left with an incomplete chart until I manually refresh it.

Can anyone tell me how Sierra Chart handles connection drop outs? Will the chart fill the missing data in when the connection is restored, or does it need to be refreshed in the same manner as Ninjatrader?
[2022-11-25 18:21:34]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 6328
Will the chart fill the missing data in when the connection is restored,
Yes automatically.

We have given you a new trial.

You can test with the delayed feed:
Delayed Exchange Data Feed
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